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Hotspot丨UK apparel market realising real benefits of RFID .......

The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) is set to take off in the UK apparel market, a new survey has shown, as retailers and brands look to improve inventory accuracy. Over 25% of the top UK retailers, [MORE]


Hotspot丨What’s the difference between RFID and NFC .......

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been around for a while. The technology has matured, and has spun off a newer technology: near-field communication (NFC). The emergence of NFC seems to have also sparked [MORE]


Hotspot丨 RFID in Health Care Virtual Event 2016 .......

In the health-care field, hospitals and other medical facilities are employing RFID to improve patient safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing and reduce [MORE]


Hotspot丨Warranty .......

All the RFID /NFC wristbands and other related RFID products you purchase from us ,which will get the best warranty and support . [MORE]


Hotspot丨Software & hardware .......

Except offering the various of RFID /NFC wristbands and tag , our team still provide you the corresponding software system for your needs ;Also we offer LH ,HF and UHF reader /writer . [MORE]


Hotspot丨Tech support .......

Our experienced technicians team are here to support you Whether you area system integrator or the business owner, we are here for you! [MORE]


Hotspot丨Products&service .......

Our products are including RFID/NFC bracelet ,RFID Key chains ,RFID trademark /laundry tag, RFID cards, RFID inlay ,RFID tags, NFC cards and tags,which ideal for access control ,sporting event ,resort &cruise line , [MORE]


Hotspot丨Bluelands RFID Laundry Tag .......

RFID laundry tag put on the cloth, encoding the details and information in the tag, can be the name, number, or ID. once the cloth pass a reader,can be classified according to the information in the tag and transpor [MORE]