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Disposable RFID wristband Disposable RFID wristband
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disposable RFID wristband with your logo printed
disposable RFID wristband with your logo printed

disposable RFID wristband with your logo printed

1.one time use band that with a permanent snap closure

2.your logo, web site, phone number, or slogan can be printed on the  band to boost your brand.

3.Your idea for the woven band design is highly welcome .

4.widely used in hospital ,water park ...


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product description

Application for one time using RFID wristband :

efficient patient care, as well as leisure ,public transportation, Logistics ,campus and animal identification ,Access Control System , amusement park etc.


Available chip for sealed :

125khz/134.2khz Chips (Protocol: ISO11784/11785):

EM4100 / TK4100 ,EM4102 / H4102, EM4200 ,EM4205, EM4305, EM4450, EM4550

T5557 / T5567 / ATA5567


13.56Mhz Chips(Protocol: ISO14443/15693):

NXP MF S20/1K S50 / NXP MF 4K S70 / Mifare Ultralight/C

NXP  MF ICODE SLI-L(512 bit) / ICODE SLI(1024 bit) / ICODE SLI-S(2048 bit)

MF 1K-Compatible: FM11RF08(F08) ,MF  4K-Compatible: FM11RF32


UHF/860-960Mhz chip ,NXP G2XL/G2XM , Alien H3 

Product parameters

Name : disposable rfid wristband

Size of band :250mm 

Design :one time using

Material :PVC  or tyvek /Dupont paper  

Feature: waterproof ,      

LOGO:available ,silk screen printing  

Size of chip :18mm ,20mm

Material of chip :PDS ,pouring sealant ,PCB ,FBC

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